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At Second City Locksmith our vast range of intercom services covers all of the Chicagoland, Illinois residential and commercial areas, as well as public and private institutions needing a practical, reliable form of control access and of communication with the other parts of your outside and interior space. Our intercom system installation brings the latest technology right to your footstep, including quality audio and video communication, front door access control and connections through phone lines. We invite you to get in touch with us so one of our qualified staff members can help you find the right intercom system for your situation that fits perfectly at your house, apartment, or place of business. Our hardware and products operate with brand-new services that address any security concern you may have. With the professional installation process, we offer you can feel peace of mind with a proper installation and step-by-step instructions on how to get the best use from your system.

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The installation process differs between a wireless intercom system, which is typically the preferred option, over a wired system. A wired intercom system utilizes a phone wire and a dial-up connection to be installed, then all wiring is hidden under floor joists and through walls to prevent loose wires from hanging. The benefits we offer:

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Second City Locksmith presents Audio and Video door entry systems

Door entry system is a vital security measure used to only allow access to approved persons onto your property, whether it be employees or guests. This keeps you safe at both your home and business and maintains your environment with optimum privacy.  It helps manage your door access to your employees or guests. These systems are available in both analog or IP, offering a door entry system with both audio and video options that let you be aware of the third party before you open the door.  The beauty of the intercom system in place is not needing to go to the door first. The following are things you should know about this safe and convenient method.

How it works

The door station panel and a buzzer are installed next to an external door or gate. The buzzer can either be linked to an well-designed indoor telephone or monitor or it can also be a wireless system like a hands-free or GSM which allows you to talk and/or see the caller and then allow the guest to come in by the press of a button. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a range of versatile colors, finishes and features, including whether the system can record images or not. 

Popular door entry systems

The most widely used door entry systems consist of the 2-wire system and the wireless system which are both viable options depending on your needs and taste. The 2-wire system is easy to make using available wiring along with the new system. On the other hand, a wireless system doesn’t utilize wire and is even more streamlined.
Other available additions include:

Audio entry system:

Request a visitor’s identity when the someone rings at the door.

Video entry system:

Visually make contact with someone ringing out at the gate or front door; confirm their identity before allowing access.

Bespoke entrance panels:

Gives your entrance great style and sophistication.

Porter witchboards:

Multiple way communication between door or gatekeeper and individual apartments. Residents can effectively communicate with the assigned doorman at any given time from audio or video handheld monitoring devices.
Pros of Intercom Systems

What Intercom System can give You?

Enhanced Security:

Whether you decide to install an intercom with video capabilities or just audio, gathering just slight information and monitoring visitors before giving entry to your home or business can bring enhanced security and peace of mind.

Streamlined Communication:

Instant communication between the different areas of your home or place of business can offer great benefits and ease to your life, as well as added safety.  Allow our professionals to guide you through the various options before choosing the intercom installation that’s brings you the greatest advantage.


Frequently asked questions about intercom

This is the question that many ask themselves when it comes to installing an intercom system in their residential or commercial spaces. The answer for this is that each one has its pros and cons and therefore, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. In the case of the wireless intercom system, these are considered the best for small properties because they are easy to install and manage, apart from the fact that they do not have so many parts (especially wiring). However, because they depend so much on radio waves, the distance between communicators can cause connectivity problems. On the other hand, wired intercom systems are considered more reliable and secure, especially for large properties such as buildings, houses with large land and private farms.

    • Video calling
    • Internet connectivity
    • Remote access
    • Group calling
    • Noise cancellation

Of all the aforementioned features, the video intercom system is the most highly valued by people in Chicago, since it allows people to be heard and seen from other rooms, apart from the fact that it can act at the same time as a security system.

Of course! You can integrate your home intercom system with any other type of security solution such as an access control system, so that your home is always safe from any unwanted intrusion. By integrating your home intercom as an access control system, you will have the ability to validate your visits before they enter your property. When someone comes to your door, you can talk to them (or even watch them on video) to make sure who they are and then use the access button to unlock the door and let them pass.
The only way you can monitor your house intercom system remotely is if your system has the ability to connect to the internet. That way, you can log into your system from any mobile device to use the intercom and talk to people around your property, even if you are not there. Taking into account that standard intercom systems do not have internet connectivity, you should make sure to choose a system that has the ability to connect remotely.