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Second City Locksmith
Your trusted, local locksmith company in Chicago

As reliable local locksmiths in Chicago, you can count on the services we provide, no matter what situation you may be facing. When you are looking for the nearest locksmith in Chicago, Second City Locksmith is the fastest option you can always depend on. We provide 24-hour a day locksmith service and our staff always arrives fully equipped to handle even your most troubled situations. By choosing to trust in our company, you will receive dependable locksmith assistance.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. You are just one quick phone call away from consulting with one of our qualified crew members about the right solutions for your needs.

2NDCITY Locksmith Chicago

Lockout Services in Chicago and suburban area. 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Chicago

Have you ever gone through that dreadful moment when you come home after a long day, only to find that you don’t have your keys at hand? Are you tired of suffering the same thing over and over again? Don’t worry anymore about being locked out of the house again, as Second City Locksmith will provide you with the necessary assistance. 

Our dedicated work team is fully trained and prepared to perform any locksmith services at your home or business: from opening any door, gate or garage, to opening the doors, safes or locks that have the highest security standards, and also going through quick repair and lockout services; all with the purpose that you have a completely normal, uncomplicated day. We are also dedicated to lock change services, in order to make your place or business feel safe once again, since your keys can fall into the wrong hands in case of a loss. 
If you happen to be locked out of your home or business at any time of the day or night, you can feel relaxed because here at Second City Locksmith we have a 24-hour locksmith that is always ready to help you on the first call. If you want to know more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.


We provide wide range of services related to locks:

Look no further than the specialists at Second City Locksmith for all your lock and key emergencies or needs. We take care of everything from your keys being locked in your car to that stuck key jamming your lock. We respond immediately and normally arrive within thirty minutes from your call to assist you with any and all your locksmith requirements.

What are typical situations when people contact us?

Although being locked out of house without knowing the reason is one of the moments that nobody wants to spend in their life, they are moments that always happen often and their causes can be the following:

Keys forgotten,
lost and stolen

The door may be stuck due to a malfunctioning lock

The keys stayed
inside the house

A broken key in the keyhole

A damaged knob hardware

Car key replacement key stuck in ignition, broken or lost

If you have any of these reasons, you can call us and we’ll take care of the emergency locksmith work without delay.

Why choose us

Trustworthy 24-hour locksmith Chicago Company - Second City Locksmith

Second City Locksmith is considered one of the most important commercial locksmith companies in Chicago, not only due to the fact that we specialize in various key locksmith activities such as automotive, commercial and residential, but also because of the fact that we are the local locksmith in Chicago with one of the most efficient, professional and friendly services to the point of receiving positive reviews from our clients. This added to the fact that all our locksmith services are offered at affordable rates to customers and are carried out on the first call by authorized and insured professionals.

House Lockout

What To Do When Locked Out Of The House?

The first and main thing you have to do after realizing that you are locked out of house is to not panic, since when you enter into a state of absolute despair, you will try at all costs to use all the methods to enter your home: from using hooks to open the lock (Known also as picking) to using brute force to enter. Our professional locksmith advises not to carry out this type of action, as it could cause more damage to the point of requiring a total lock change or the replacement of the entire door structure, therefore representing a huge expense. At the same time, it recommends that people who experience a lockout contact their nearest locksmith – Second City Locksmith in this case- as soon as possible in order to carry out an emergency locksmith procedure to let you in.


What does it mean to be a licensed locksmith in Chicago?

One of the things that people always worry about when placing new locking systems on each of the doors of their homes is that the locksmith they have hired does an excellent job, since a correctly installed lock maintains security standards of its surroundings, belongings and above all, its close people up high. Therefore, Second City Locksmith Chicago ensures that each of its contractors have the licenses and bondings issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to be able to carry out any lockout services within the state. In order to obtain the respective licenses, the person must meet the following requirements:

  • Being over 18 years
  • Pass an authorized licensing exam in the theoretical and practical part of the profession
  • Pass a police record check
  • Pay the required fees
  • The local locksmith needs to be licensed by the state

Here at Second City Locksmith, all of our employees are properly licensed, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best of care and that your home will be protected to the highest standards. If you want to get started as soon as possible, contact us!


How does it work and what can you expect from Second City Locksmith Chicago?


The contractor will contact you to inform you of the estimated time of arrival, in order to keep you updated on the progress of the process. During this stage, the locksmith may ask you more questions about the situation at hand based on the information previously given.

Locksmith Request

If you have a problem with the locks or were the victim of a lockout, you should immediately contact your preferred locksmith (in this case, us). During contact by phone or online, you must provide your current location, the nature of the service, what type of locksmith you require (car, home or business) and your contact information in case of additional inquiry from the contractor. If this happens at night, you don't need to worry, as we are a 24 hour locksmith.


The technician will arrive at your home and begin to carry out an assessment of the situation to determine the steps to take to solve your dilemma. Subsequently, the services that will be required and their cost will be explained, which will be accepted by the client through a receipt of agreement. During the time of your visit, any questions you have will be formally and cordially clarified by our contractor.


It is precisely at this stage that the work begins. Their duration will depend a lot on the type of lock, the type of service required and the difficulty of the task. Although we can ensure that no part of your infrastructure or vehicle is generally not damaged during the process, we may have to resort to forced entry in case it is impossible to open it by formal methods. In this last resort, any damaged material will be restored.

Clients Testimonials

I had the worst day ever, I locked my dog inside the car, it started raining, it couldn’t have gotten any worse. I called you guys who came out so fast and literally saved my day. I can’t thank you enough for your quick response time!
Harriet Cornell
Your 24-hour locksmith service is great! It got my girlfriend and I out of a jam and we were able to make it to our event on time!
James Chavis
Your guy was able to fit my tight schedule, so I appreciate him being on time and not making me wait around for the rekey lock service.
Helen Wolf
Gave me great options on rekey locks. I’d go with you guys again for any locksmith service!
Stephan Anderson
I hope not to get locked out again, but if I did, I’m going with you guys for sure!
Alexander Heller
I called the nearest Chicago locksmith since I was having trouble with the lock on my front door that kept jamming. Fortunately, he quickly solved the problem for me by changing the lock and now I can use it without any hassle.
Alfred Mize
A few days ago I had the misfortune of being robbed in my own apartment while I was out of state. Fortunately, a good neighbor recommended your Chicago locksmith to change the locks on my home and since then, I feel more secure in my home and trust I won’t have furthers.
William Gilbreath
When I was locked out of my vehicle in the middle of nowhere and at night, I thought I was going to have to walk all the way home. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case, as your company handled my lockout case immediately.
David Gilmore
I almost had a fit when I discovered that I was a victim of a lockout due to my door’s old lock. However, my neighbor recommended this company to me, which I called and who helped me open my house in a very professional, quick way!
Larry Garcia
If you are left out of your home or business at any time of the day or night, I highly recommend that you contact this 24-hour locksmith! I went through a desperate experience and amazingly, they assisted me within minutes of making the initial call!
Jesse Bailey
These guys are extremely reliable. I had a situation that happened late at night that was totally unexpected and was in need of a 24 hour locksmith Chicago service. They came fast and gave me the help I needed. I recommend them for anyone who needs emergency locksmith Chicago services. 
Eric Flores
We needed a lock change for our business but didn’t know who to call. Luckily we came across Second City Locksmith. The agent that came out was friendly and very knowledgeable. The job was done in no time at all. This is now our go to local locksmith Chicago.
Robert Lunde
Really enjoyed working with Second City Locksmith. In the middle of winter I managed to lock my keys in my car and needed assistance badly. Their lockout services Chicago expert came and really rescued me from a dire situation. I recommend them to everyone I talk to as the premier lockout Chicago company. 
Pauline Thornhill
I’ve never worked with a locksmith like this company. Not only did they come to me and perform my lock change but they also were able to make a new key for me at a very affordable price. I commend these guys for their hard work and integrity. WIll definitely work with them again.
Jeanne Brown
My husband works late nights, so when he called me and told me he locked his keys in his car we were unsure if we could find the help we needed. We checked everywhere but Second City Locksmith was the only company we found that provided 24 hour locksmith Chicago services. These guys are truly life savers.  
Jennie Leonard
I was very impressed with the efficiency of the service Second City Locksmith provided me! A locksmith was at my house the same day. He was polite and knowledgeable. Highly recommendable company!
Rosa Hynes
The 24 hour locksmith service of Second City Locksmith was great! The guy came to my house on a Sunday night and fixed my locks within an hour. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Jackie Smith
Very helpful, prompt, courteous, and professional. The local locksmith came out within an hour and opened up several locks on my trailer (lost keys). Thanks for a great service, Second City Locksmith!
Tom Gates
Thank Second City Locksmith for the advice on the safe that’d better fit my needs. I appreciate the care that the locksmith took with delivering and installing the safe. He did a top-quality job!
Rachel Blue
I had a problem with my lock and I called a local locksmith. The guy who came did excellent work. He was also a very nice person to deal with. Thanks, Second City Locksmith!
Mark Harrison