Because we are committed to solving your lockout problem as quickly as possible regardless of the difficulty of the job, Second City Locksmith generally gets to you within 15 minutes of the initial call.

Here at Second City Locksmith, our locksmith will always prioritize using door opening techniques that do not result in destruction for either the lock or the door, as we have advanced experience in uPVC and wooden locks and mechanisms. In some rare cases, you may need to replace the door lock, but this depends a lot on the circumstances in which you were left out of your home or business and the type of lock.

The cost of the parts will depend a lot on the type of door your home or business has and the type of lock you use. The same can be said of the costs of the work, since even the nearest locksmith does not charge the same prices. Apart from that, the estimates are not a guarantee that it will be the official final price. Therefore, if you want to have a detailed overview of the costs of hiring a 24-hour locksmith, we invite you to access the pricing section of our official website.

This will depend a lot on the type of lock you choose to replace the old one, but expect to get 2-3 new keys with the installation of your new door lock.
All work done by our local locksmith, as well as the parts supplied, come with a guarantee to ensure that the work has been completed correctly and in case they do not work correctly, respectively.

If you lose your car keys, there are two options for their replacement. You may go through your dealer or you may reach out to a professional car locksmith. We’ll immediately make your new key. If your key has a chip, we can program it and eliminate the stolen/lost key from your vehicle’s system.

Sometimes a key breaks when it is in the ignition or the door lock. We are available 24/7.  We can come to you, making car keys on site, including high security, push to start button, and transponder keys.

The question asked most frequently regarding security systems is regarding wireless vs. wired solutions. Each has its pros and cons, so you should choose based on your specific needs. For small properties requiring simple intercom systems, wireless systems are better. Over longer distances wired solutions tend to be more secure and reliable. If your exterior gate, large building or multiple buildings require an intercom system, wired systems are more reliable.

The market boasts a varied selection of intercom systems making it impossible to provide a standard price estimate. Intercom system installation costs depend upon:

• Equipment – The price of physical equipment such as the intercom speakers. Traditionally, more feature-laden and higher-tech intercom systems are more expensive.
• Installation – Professional intercom system installation is preferable. Whether a system is wireless or wired greatly affects installation costs.
• Maintenance – The cost maintaining your system varies, depending on charges for connectivity services, monthly cloud or monitoring fees, or even batteries for wireless systems.

Aside from speaking between rooms, other features are available:

• Remote access
• Video calling
• Internet connectivity
• Noise cancellation
• Group calling

Yes! Intercom systems can be integrated with most other types of security solutions. When integrating an intercom system with an access control system, visitors can be validated prior to entering. Through the access control integration, simply push a button to allow them to enter.