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Reliable Automotive Locksmith in Chicago - Second City Locksmith

Second City Locksmith offers a car unlock service in the scenario that you are accidentally left out of your vehicle – no matter the time of the day-, which consists that one of our experts cut your keys through code, copy its transponder and the key fob in order to restart your car. In addition, it will reproduce new keys at the site in order to help you get moving without delay to your intended destination.
Also, our experts can do a car key replacement near Chicago, IL procedure in the scenario that your key got stuck in the vehicle's door lock or an extraction / repair procedure in the extreme scenario where the key breaks to the point that the door lock needs to be repaired. Furthermore, we make duplicates of your car keys if you don't have a spare key at hand and in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. If you have any issues regarding your car, you can get into contact with our car locksmith near me in Chicago, IL team.


Car locksmith services in Chicago and suburban area

An auto locksmith near me Chicago, IL mainly specializes in providing service to open locked vehicles and perform a lost car key replacement, as well as new keys to replace those that are in poor condition, so that people can continue their journeys without further complications. In other words, an automotive locksmith is somewhat similar to what residential and commercial locksmiths do.
Our car key locksmith’s duties range from in-store services such as duplicating vehicle keys or fixing any problem that you have under more appropriate prices, to auto locksmith services where you move to different points in the metropolitan area to provide assistance to stranded drivers through a car lockout service.


Typical car lock issues that our team deals with:

Our work team here at Second City Locksmith has the highest standards of professionalism, skills and punctuality, so you can trust them in any eventuality that occurs on the road that requires a car lockout service. The services we perform include:

Key service for all
types of vehicles

Broken ignition key or total ignition replacement

Smart or high security keys

Key stuck in ignition removal services

Key cutting

Laser cutting of keys

Opening of vehicle doors and trunk

Key transponder chip programming

Unlocking doors

Car unlock service

Lost car key replacement

Keys with integrated remote control

Why Choose Our Car Locksmith

Second City Locksmith is a quality Auto Locksmith Chicago that people trust

Second City Locksmith is an automotive locksmith company that offers a variety of services for all type of vehicles –such as cars, trucks, vans, etc.- in the Chicago metropolitan area, ranging from car lockout service to car unlock service, as well as lost car key replacement procedures; which are executed by our professional and high-skilled work team so you can return to the streets without major setbacks, regardless of where you are. 
Given the fact that our auto locksmith near Chicago, IL service is primarily based on speed and efficiency, as well as professionalism, honesty and punctuality; Second City Locksmith will dispatch the first available lock expert to the area where you’re currently located on the first call, so it can get the job done as quickly and appropriately as possible, no matter the degree of difficulty that the problem reflects or the type of vehicle you are currently driving.

Auto locksmith specialization

Automotive Locksmith Chicago specializes in Issues With Your Ignition Switch

Unlike the dealership that offers its services at prices that are not fair to the clients' pockets, here at Second City Locksmith we offer you the same services but at prices much more appropriate to your budget, among which are: car unlock service, car lockout service, key stuck in ignition, car key replacement near me, among others.
Apart from using the best equipment, tools and resources to perform the door opening tasks in case of being locked out of the car, our car locksmith Chicago based team makes sure that the doors of your vehicle as well as the aforementioned vehicle do not suffer any type of damage during the process, as our goal is to provide you with fast and efficient quality work so you can get on your way.

Car Key Replacement process

Second City Locksmith & Our Car Key Replacement Process

Misplacing your keys can be a worrisome, anxiety filled moment.  However, being in possession of your keys but them not functioning properly can be even more stressful and worrisome. Luckily, it is now simpler than ever to replace your car keys.

1. Contact a Technician
The very first step to car key replacement is contacting us. One of our team experts will meet you in any place at any time. You should have details about your car including the make, model, and year on hand to share with them. Your auto locksmith will record this information to duplicate the correct key.

3. Kinds of Keys
The type of key your vehicle has plays a large role in lost car key replacement. Older cars generally have standard keys that can be made easily and quickly. New cars often include more advanced features such as security alarms and computer chips. Do not forget keyless fobs and remote proximity keys as well.

2. Repairing versus Replacing
Repairing a key versus replacing a key are two completely separate concepts. If your problem is simply that your original key is not opening your car door, it may only require a quick repair. This repair process often involves reshaping or cutting. On the other hand, if that same key does not function no matter what is done to it, your professional car locksmith can replace the key easily. This same process applies to lost keys.

4. Other points to consider
Stolen or lost keys may make you a target for car theft. In case of this occurrence, you should consider the replacement of your car’s entire security system as well. You may have your keyless fob reprogrammed to a new frequency or change the transporter receiver in your ignition. This is not a necessary step in all cases but may be recommended and often performed during the key replacement process.

Our car locksmith company maintains a large contains a large car key programming database. This particular special access permits us to create any type of key replacement required for your vehicle type.

Reasons for your car lock breaking down

First, check the car key fob. There is a possibility that it is damaged or its battery is dead. This happens to more people than you’d think, where the “malfunction” of the car lock is due to the key fob.
Once you are  certain it is not because of the key fob, you can move on to checking the other boxes:

  • A fuse has been blasted. The fuses in your car can sometimes blow because of its life limits or from being overused. Depending on your car, it can be a relatively inexpensive solution.
  • A broken wire.  Temperature and moisture can cause damage to car wires.  To test this, hold the lock switch up or down, then open and close the door repeatedly. If the locks start to work irregularly, it may be a broken wire.
  • Weather conditions. The extreme cold weather can cause the system to freeze. It is possible that the doors of your car are not completely moisture proof; extreme temperatures can cause damage to power locks.
  • Solenoid malfunction. It is the machine that controls the doors’ lock and unlock functions. If it is a solenoid malfunction, it’ll need a replacement.

Frequently asked questions about car locksmith nearby Chicago, IL.

It is not necessary for you to drive your vehicle to the car locksmith (in this case Second City Locksmith), as the locksmith will be where you are on the first call. In addition, he will bring with him the necessary materials to create his new key and make the respective modifications (via OBD port) to the programming of the car’s computer so that it accepts the new key, all in order for you to resume the use of the car on the same day and avoid taking it to the dealer to do the same process, since in that case it can take several days or weeks.

The answer is no. If you lost your original car keys, our car locksmith Chicago based only makes a replacement of lost car keys, which will have a different code and will require modification of your vehicle’s programming in order to use them to drive. Unless you leave valuables in your vehicle, this should not be a problem. If you want to make changes to the locks of your vehicle, it is recommended that you go to your official dealer. However, if, by chance, you lost the keys to your vehicle and the vehicle had modifications or changes to the locks, you must notify the auto locksmith in advance.

Of course. We can read the lock of your car through a special tool or by obtaining the information from your registration document, to have proof of ownership. After cutting the key blade, we will talk via computer with the vehicle and program the new keys with it.

Cloning is the replication of an existing key. When it comes to the vehicle’s computer, it thinks there is only one key, when in reality you have two or more. Although you can clone your car keys without having to put them in your vehicle because it is a cheap option for replacement, that does not protect you in case of theft of your vehicle, especially if the person uses your lost keys.